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Focus Towards Serving with Nothing Less Than the Best

Since our formation, we have been regarded as an A rated ice cream producing company due to our special focus towards serving clients with nothing less than the best in terms of quality. In order to produce superior quality and tasty Flavored Ice Cream, Kesar Ice Cream, Akhrot Anjeer Ice Cream, Matka Kulfi, Apple Ice Cream, and other ice creams, we source and use fresh creams, milk, sugar, syrups and many other ingredients. Our specialized connoisseurs maintain full control over every stage of beverages production so as to have the best possible quality. These experts make sure that chefs are using perfect recipes and not compromising with taste, aroma, freshness and presentation. Further, we pack and supply our range to parlor only after assuring high quality by conducting several tests. Our ice creams are checked on the basis of taste, aroma, freshness and hygiene.

We Believe in
  • Ensuring maximum satisfaction to all customers to maintain long lasting relationships.
  • Providing excellent working environment to employees.
  • Making all deals very clearly and serving best possible products.
How Our Products are Made?

Right from our commencement, we have been believing in maintaining transparency with customers. We provide clients complete information about how their loved ice creams like Flavored Ice Cream, Kesar Ice Cream, Akhrot Anjeer Ice Cream, Matka Kulfi and Apple Ice Cream are prepared in our premises. For systematic as well as efficient working, we have segmented the complete process of beverages production into three stages including mixing, chilling and presentation. In the mixing stage, following the recipes, our chef mix fresh cream, milk, syrups, sugar, milk powder in a tank. This mixture is then heated and pasteurized so as to make products free from bacteria infestation & retain freshness for a longer time. Prepared pasteurized mixture is then carried out by our food experts for chilling process in hygienic refrigeration systems. Once the ice creams set down in chilling process, our specialized food processors emphasize on the presentation so as to make these eye-catching for food lovers.

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